Cuzco, Machu Picchu, Incas Incas Incas!

In an effort to see as much of Peru as possible in the past two days, my parents and I have been back and forth on planes, trains, buses, and cars, sleeping little and sitting a lot.  As a result, I have now come down with a gripe: my throat is sore and I am generally exhausted!  Nevertheless, our two days were rich with incredible historic sites, jaw-dropping scenery, delicious food, and lots of Inca history.
We arrived in Cuzco early Wednesday afternoon and had some beautifully-presented dishes at a restaurant near our hotel before touring an archeological museum dedicated to pre-Columbian art and culture.

Our tour guide at the museum made each clay pot and carved tool come to life: a history professor at a local university, he masterfully explained the meaning behind artifacts with insight and passion.  He outlined the concept of duality, a theme prevalent in Inca artwork.  Outfitted with two halves of our brain, two parents, two arms, two legs, two eyes, male(God) and female(Mother Earth, la Pachamama), human life was often represented as a harmony of two parts.  As a result, symmetry within an object as well as duplicate versions of objects were present throughout the museum.
Next, we set off for Saqsaywamán, an Inca ceremonial fortress.

A group of Peruvians in native dress serenaded us with Inca-style music.
The view kept getting better and better!
The way the large carved stones fit together was amazing!
 Incredible views of Cuzco from the top!

The city lights were magical as the sun went down:

Machu Picchu was a whole-day affair: we boarded an early-morning train that took us through the beautiful farmland of the Peruvian countryside en route to the world-renowned site.

 Someday I will come back and hike it!

Machu Picchu was breathtaking, absolutely indescribable.  The mountain scenery, temples, everything. Amazing.
Mañana, vamos a CHILE!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Wish I was there to experience it with ya :)