La Serena, Elqui Valley, Coquimbo!

HOLA.  Wow I've been a TERRIBLE blogger.  This post was half-written about six weeks ago and never finished, mostly due to work, traveling, and general laziness.  But no more excuses! Look for several catch-up posts to come.

I love the culture of traveling: it's a community full of young, curious, confident people who thrive on new experiences.  They don't need much:  just the necessities and a sense of adventure.

Awhile ago, some friends from my program and I booked a hostel and set off for La Serena, a beautiful city north of Valparaiso.

Our little house-like hostel, El Arbol, blended in seamlessly with its tiny neighborhood.  Its owner promptly welcomed us in, a young woman who had worked for a time in the United States and thus was fairly comfortable with English.  Upon entering, we were greeted by a dining table full of travelers; two Australians, a Canadian, a French woman, and our American friend.

The beds were comfy and the bathroom was clean-- definitely my favorite hostel of the two I've stayed in so far!  We stayed in an 8-bed room wish an Australian traveler who was sizing up South America for a few months before jetting off to France.

The following day, we took a day tour of Elqui Valley, a beautiful landscape contrast of lush green farmland and pale brown mountains against a bright blue sky.

Amor en Valle Elqui!

The tour began with a survey of a papaya orchard, coupled with some delicious papaya-juice tasting.


 Passing through the valley, we stopped at this dam which showcased a spectacular view of the mountains, river, and sky in a dazzling filter of pale blue shadow.  (my favorite shot is at the beginning of this post)

We then visited a pisco distillery to understand the inner workings of Chile's national alcohol.

Then retired for lunch, where we were serenaded by this multitalented man!

And explored the cute little town.

After returning to our hostel satisfied but feeling like absolute tourists, we decided to create an adventure of our own the following day.  Entonces, we rented bikes and set off for this old military base by the sea!  The beachside bikeride was gorgeous, obvio.

All in all, another spectacular weekend in Chile.  Again, sorry this post took so long!  I'll do my best to catch up with a few more key adventures from these past six weeks.  Hasta pronto!


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