Una nueva aventura: Córdoba!

Well, here I am again-- I've once more chosen to leave behind everything that is comfortable and familiar in the pursuit of adventure and broadened experience.  The journey to Córdoba was a lengthy one, but passed quickly.  The view from the airplane window on my connecting flight to Santiago was magical: I watched as the sun rose over the tips of the jagged Andes that peeked through the clouds, spilling red and yellow blotches all over the sky.  As I maneuvered through the airports of Santiago and Córdoba, I felt my Spanish snap back into place.  I muttered permiso in crowded spaces and greeted airport staff with a warm hola!

The little house from which I'm typing this post was a short taxi ride away.  I was greeted by a host mama and her grown daughter who lives across town but visits frequently.  We discussed house keys, food preferences, shower functions, laundry guidelines, etc.  then sat down to a simple, but satisfying almuerzo.  Later I unpacked then had cena with my host mama, during which we had a chance to compartir a few details about our lives.  She is a language teacher experienced in French, Spanish, and Portugese.  She lived in Brazil for a few years and fell in love with it.

Mi casita!

My first impressions are as follows:
1. My host mom has a huge heart for her children and her home, bears similarities to my host mom in Chile
2. This internship program gives me a lot more freedom than study abroad/I will have much more independence here
3. I have a feeling I will grow to be very comfortable here

Monday I will have orientation for my duties at the human rights office at which I am working and Tuesday I will begin!  I am unsure of what to expect from the experience at the moment, which makes it all the more exciting.  This weekend I hope to explore the city a little and hopefully watch the Argentina v. Iran world cup game with some Argentinos! 

I'm definitely missing home and those that I love, but I am very much looking forward to what I hope will be a valuable experience here in Córdoba.



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