VAMOS VAMOS Argentina!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted, I have been very busy and a lot has happened!  I'll try to give a brief overview of the past weeks' events.


Sexual education at Soaje is going well so far!  For our first workshop, we prepared a brief quiz to assess the girls' knowledge in three major areas of sexual education: healthy relationships and consent, STI's (focused on HIV), and protection/contraception/safe sex. The girls were receptive to the quiz, asking many questions for the answers they missed.  A woman working at Soaje was kind enough to assist us in explaining concepts that we found difficult to articulate in Spanish.  She remarked to us how important she believed our work to be, and was grateful to open up the discussion with the girls.

This week I also give my "Introduction to Human Rights" presentation to a group of high school students, covering general concepts, history, and applications of human rights.  The presentation I prepared can be found here: 
I'm really happy with how it turned out, I hope it holds their attention!

I have also been working a little alongside Ganas, an organization that feeds and clothes the homeless.  My role has been to interview the homeless while Ganas is providing food, asking them general questions about their lives and families as well as anything they may need.  The interviews are used to document a large population about which little is known in Cordoba and to attempt to pressure the government into taking steps to curb homelessness.

Finally, this week we are working with the Basta de Trata campaign against child abuse and pedophilia.  This weekend, there is an event for Basta de Trata aimed at spreading awareness and garnering social media support.  For the occasion I made this giant Instagram, to encourage the sharing of the #bastadetrata hashtag.


This past weekend I traveled to Salta, a city way up in the desert-and-valley north of Argentina.  Because we only had two days, we didn't get to do all that we wanted, but still had a great time!  Highlights: hiking, horseback riding, wine tasting, feeding llamas, and touring monumental rock formations.

On our horseback ride we met a couple who had saved up enough money, quit their jobs, and had been traveling around the world for the past year.  It was so inspiring to hear about their adventures-- I hope to do something similar in the future.


Being in Cordoba for the World Cup has been the best experience!  For each game, everyone gathers in the center of the city to watch, draped from head to toe in blue and white.  After each win, the streets flood with people singing and chanting and banging on drums.  It's been amazing to taste the incredible passion Argentinians share for their sport.

Of course, the loss at the finals was devastating.  The silence in the crowd was deafening after Germany made their World Cup-winning goal.  When it ended however, I was relieved to see clapping  for a game well played.  Though I heard news of angry riots in Buenos Aires, nothing of the sort happened in Cordoba: everyone was genuinely proud of their team for a brilliant performance in La copa del mundo.

It's strange to think that the Cup is finally over, as it has been a large part of my experience here thus far.


Overall, I've been enjoying my time here more and more as I adapt to the city life.  Sometime in the following weeks I hope to travel to Mendoza, a beautiful city just east of the Andes.  Work is also about to change soon; At the end of next week, I am going to continue teaching sexual education while interning at a local radio station to learn about Argentinian journalism.  This will supplement my interest in media representation of current events in South America (possible thesis topic?) and should coincide nicely with my work in human rights.



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