¡Que RICA esta fin de semana!

The title roughly translates to: OH MY GOD THIS WEEKEND WAS INCREDIBLE!  In an effort to do everything possible within our short time in Chile, we embarked on three separate adventures this past weekend: visited another of Pablo Neruda's famous houses in Isla Negra, climbed the sand dunes of Con-Con, and hiked the mountains of La Campana.  ALSO, Friday night was a football (soccer) match against Venezuela-- naturally, all public transportation shut down and we all gathered to watch.  And Chile killed 3-0, resulting in audible screams and cheers which rattled the streets of Valparaiso.

The day leading up to the game was a foggy one, but it made Isla Negra all the more magical.

Pablo Neruda was a lucky guy!  The house overlooked beautiful Playa Isla Negra, a beach peppered with large black rocks and a little carving of Pablo's head.
The next day, we ventured to the sand dunes of Con-Con, which was basically a scene from Aladdin coupled with a spectacular ocean view.  Trekking up was difficult but so worth it!  




On our way home, we stopped in Viña del Mar to enjoy the beach and watch the sunset before returning to our houses.


To round out our weekend, Sunday we embarked on a 12 km hike a la Campana, which was certainly one of the most exhausting/rewarding experiences I've ever had.



My feet are sore and my body still hurts, but it was so satisfying to reach the end of that trail!  We relaxed and chatted with some French and German hikers at the top.
In about an hour, I'll be on a bus to Santiago for the weekend!  Look for another blog post hopefully soon. :)


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